A curated experiential visual event series focusing on building an effective creative network and developing elevating portfolio content.

The Photo Takeover is a concept-curated experiential event series designed to bring together on location and studio photographers, videographers, models, makeup artists, designers, stylists and more in order to develop beautiful portfolio content. We provide a place for community and networking lead by a strong sense of family and respect. The larger potential is connecting with brands, agencies, as well as other partnerships to leverage their personal and collective brands..4

We base our development on a tiered structure to create a comfortable upward mobility for beginners and professionals.

The Photo Takeover, exists to empower visual creatives by offering unique opportunities and fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment through convenient accessibility. We strive to unleash your potential by cultivating creativity, promoting understanding, building relationships, and pursuing excellence throughout every step of your creative journey with us. These very principles form the foundation of our creed, which we refer to as the CURE. Cultivation, Understanding, Relationships, Excellence.

We believe that by honing in on the importance of creativity, we will gain and embrace and understanding of dormant talent within the individual and their respective journey. This new found understanding will help us to foster progressive and mutually beneficial relationships between one another on both macro and micro levels that will push forth our creed CURE:


We know that within our community lies unseen creativity with awe-inspiring concepts waiting to be tapped into.


We embrace empathy, respect, and individuality, recognizing that everyone’s creative journey is unique, while leveraging this understanding to overcome creative barriers.


We place great value on the strong connections within our community. We give birth to meaningful collaborations that encourage mutually beneficial exchange. We go farther together.


Upholding the highest standards of quality and professionalism is vital to us. We continuously seek improvement, promoting growth and excellence for both individuals and brands within our community.

Starting a business is hard. There are so many things to consider, from finding the right product or service to building the right team and marketing your business. And for visual creatives, there’s an added layer of complexity: finding the right people and resources to bring your vision to life. In the early stages of our respective journeys, we often pondered the crucial question: “Where do I begin?” and despite finding our footing along the way, we’ve frequently looked back and wished we had more answers from the start. Further we could have come, and how much easier the path would have been if we had the necessary tools and connections from the start.